Friday, 18 April 2014

Review: Geco Wheatgrass Powder

I have been trying to eat healthier and exercise a bit more recently, especially as the weather is better and summer is not too far away. One of the products that seems to come up when I am searching for healthier foods is wheatgrass - before this product I had never tried wheatgrass or anything similar so I definitely wanted to give it a go. Honesty as always, to check out my disclaimer, click here

I have the *Geco Organic Wheatgrass Powder (100g, 500g is £21.99). Firstly, the delivery was quick and I like the packaging - all of the nutritional information and more is on the back of the sachet. This product is suitable for vegans and vegetarians, I am the latter. Wheatgrass has a lot of goodies packed into it such a vitamins and minerals (for example: vitamin B6, vitamin C, iron and more). It contains a slightly larger number of calories than I thought it would but the whole pack (100g) contains only 285 calories. 

I have tried this wheatgrass powder with numerous juices (you can add it to smoothies too which I haven't managed to get round to). I have tried it with pomegranate, orange, exotic fruit and apple juice.  To use, you just add 1 or 2 heaped tablespoons into juice or a smoothie - I haven't used that much in one drink. I have been adding half a heaped tablespoon into my juice as the wheatgrass taste is a little strong. I do not like the wheatgrass powder with orange juice or apple juice but I really like it with pomegranate and exotic fruit juice - especially exotic fruit juice! 

Overall, I think adding wheatgrass powder to your morning juice or smoothies is a great way of getting some extra vitamins, minerals and other goodies into your body with little effort. While it really doesn't taste great with some juice flavours, it is really nice with pomegranate and exotic/tropical fruit juice. Also just eating and drinking healthily makes you feel good! ★★★★☆, 4/5. 

Have you tried anything from Geco Supplements? What are your thoughts on wheatgrass? 

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Review: Pai Camellia + Rose Cleanser

Pai is a skincare brand that I have wanted to try for a while, I know a lot of bloggers, youtubers and celebrities rave about Pai skincare. So when Pai were asking for volunteers to test their Camellia & Rose Cleanser I immediately said I would love to. Honesty as always, to check out my disclaimer, click here. I am taking part in the Pai Cleanser Challenge, are you?
*Pai Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser (100ml, £25): I have been using this cleanser twice a day for exactly 8 days now and usually I would be a bit more cautious with new products as my skin is sensitive but I haven't had any problems with this cleanser and it is for sensitive/all skin types. Firstly, the cleanser comes with a muslin cloth and I LOVE the packaging! 

The cleanser itself is suitable for vegans to use, it is cruelty free, it is alcohol free and 80% of the ingredients are organic. The cleanser has a pump dispenser which makes it super quick and easy to use as well as allowing more control over how much product is dispensed so there is no waste. The cleanser is thick, smooth and it smells fresh and floral - although it is not overpowering or irritating! I use one pump and massage it into the skin which feels quite relaxing actually because of the scent. I find the cleanser removes makeup really well and it cleanses without stripping the skin or making it feel tight.

To remove, I soak the muslin cloth in hot water and ring it out then gently buff away the cleanser in small circular motions. I LOVE the muslin cloth, it adds an exfoliating element to what is a creamy cleanser but it is not harsh or overly abrasive on my dry, sensitive skin. Also the muslin cloth is made of 100% organic cotton. 

Overall, I love the packaging, quality and scent of the cleanser and the addition of the slightly exfoliating muslin cloth leaves my skin incredibly smooth, soft, comfortable and moisturised - exactly what my dry, sensitive skin needs! It can only be ★★★★★, 5/5 from me!

Have you tried anything from Pai Skincare? #PaiChallenge

OOTE: The Perfect Murder & Star Sightings!

Last night myself and Gemma went to the Manchester Opera House to watch a play called 'The Perfect  Murder'. The night we went to watch it was the first night the play was performed in Manchester and we saw Roy Cropper (David Neilson) from Coronation Street and Freddie Flintoff! #FanGirlMoment 
Outfit of the evening (OOTE) - Jeans: Dorothy Perkins, Top: Monki, Jacket: H&M, Bag: Asos and Wedges: Newlook. 

The Opera House was quite hard to find, especially because of all of the road works and diversions. When we arrived there were photographers, probably because of the celebrities in the audience (a few other actors from Coronation Street were there too). The play is described as a noir comedy and it definitely was. There are only five characters in the play, a husband and wife who are both having affairs and a policeman. There are a few famous people in this play such as Les Dennis, Clarie Goose (Casualty) and Grey O'Brien (Coronation Street). 

The basic plot of the play: "Victor Smiley and his wife Joan have been married for a long time. But their marriage has reached crisis point and Victor has decided there is only one way to get Joan out of his life forever…but he's about to get a nasty surprise………. As a young Detective Roy Grace starts to investigate his very first homicide case, dark forces intervene and Grace begins to fear that nothing is quite as it seems, in this entertaining dark comedy thriller. "

The first 30 minutes of the play was pretty good but then Gray O'Brien came on - in his boxers...I think he gave the play more levity and definitely made it so much funnier! There were some twists and turns, especially towards the end (I don't want to give too much away!) but it was fantastic. Some people brought children to this play, in my opinion it is NOT suitable for children - there is swearing, violence, fake blood and more! 

Overall, a great play, well worth watching with lots of funny one liners! It is only based in Manchester for the next three days I think and if you are going to see it at the Opera House, bring a jacket and don't expect the seats to be comfy - it is quite an old theatre! 

Have you watched this play? Or read the book from which it is based on?

Monday, 14 April 2014

Review: Marie Natie Cosmetics

I was very kindly sent some makeup items to review from the Canadian natural makeup brand - Marie Natie. I hadn't heard of this brand previously but I love their ethos - "Marie researched, sourced ingredients, tested and re-tested products until she was satisfied she had created the best natural products available. Ingredients were carefully selected and tested to create the MarieNatie Cosmetics natural makeup line and her dedication to present the very best ensures that consumers are getting what they deserve." Click here, to read my disclaimer.
*Marie Natie Lip Sparkle (Nearly Wild, 8g, $18): At first the shade scared me slightly as it is quite metallic and bold in the tube but when applied it is sheer so it can be used on its own for a lovely rosy sheen or over the top of lipsticks. I think because it is so sheer you could add it to almost any lipstick or lip pencil. It gives the lips a lovely lush, full look without feeling really heavy or greasy. I like the simple packaging and it is super quick & easy to apply. The scent/taste isn't amazing but overall a nice lip gloss with very little stickiness and the best part - it doesn't contain sulphates, parabens, silicones or synthetic fragrance/dye which is fantastic! ★★★★☆, 4/5. 

*Marie Natie Eyeliner (Brown, 1.2g, $15): Next up is a dark brown liner, I tried it on my arm first and it is super creamy and it doesn't drag the skin at all. The shade is really nice, a great everyday alternative to black liner and it lasts so well. The swatch on my arm lasted all day and I tried it rub it off numerous times with hand soap and water. I haven't tried it on my waterline yet but I think it will be amazing, I will keep this post updated. So far I am very impressed, ★★★★★, 5/5.

*Marie Natie Mineral Eyeshadow (Soiree, 2.35g, $17): This shade is just beautiful, although it isn't a shade I would wear everyday! It is a deep shimmery silver, I always try shadows with my fingers first rather than a brush as you can feel the shadow texture easier. The shadow has a gorgeous smooth, buttery soft texture! Also the pigmentation is just amazing! It applies well to the lids, there is very little fall down and it looks so pretty on the eyes - especially with winged liner. Very impressive, ★★★★★, 5/5.

*Marie Natie Loose Mineral Eyeshadow (Mauve, 4g, $15): Now the shade to me is not a mauve shade, it is definitely more purple, although it is really pretty. The purple contains flecks of tiny shimmer that looks so pretty on the eyes. It is a loose eyeshadow but I found it easy to use, although I definitely prefer pressed shadows. It has good pigmentation and it applies smoothly and evenly to the skin. I will be creating a couple of party looks next month which will probably feature a few of these products, stay tuned! ★★★★☆, 4/5. 

Overall, I am very impressed with these products! The eyeliner and pressed eyeshadows are amazing! Also all of the items came in a super cute drawstring bag that can be re-used. And the products came in recyclable cardboard packaging which looked great and is fantastic for the environment. I would definitely recommend Marie Natie - the products I have tried are fantastic and they are suitable for vegans and they are all cruelty free! I want to try more of the pressed shadows, I am so impressed by the one I have. For more information on Marie Natie, click here

What do you think of these products?